The Core Worlds Part 1: Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri System:
2nd planet from Alpha Centauri A
Population: 10 billion
Climate: 10-15% warmer on average than Old Earth, terraformed, multiple biomes.
Orbital Period: .874 Standard Years
Rotation: Accelerated to 24 hours
Government: Mixed Democracy/Oligarchy
History: SecLand, Terra Secundus, New Pallas, The Capital. The first exosolar planet colonized by terragen life and the center of the Federation of Human Species. The first seed ship to SecLand came from the Republic of Pallas in Sol System and immediately set to work building their settlement, known then as “Second Landing” and now as “SecLand Arcology”, and a network of observatory satellites and orbital weapons platforms in case future colonists proved hostile, or the great foe that had reduced the Solar System to rubble found them. The second colony ship, this time from the Society for the Preservation of Parahuman Species from Vesta, arrived 25 years later. Hampered, as it were, by the cargo space taken up by their onboard gestation labs and war factories for an anticipated invasion. However, by the time of their arrival the Pallas colonists had built up defenses that gave the crew, already demoralized by the loss of Sol, sufficient pause to consider negotiations. After a quarter of the SPPS crew had been spaced it was agreed that they would set down on the far side of the planet from the Pallas arcology, and their scientists would turn their expertise in biology to terraforming the then-barren world while New Pallas built up their mutual defenses and infrastructure. The third and final colony ship, this one from Earth and carrying over a thousand live and fully grown humans, arrived fifty years after the first ship. This craft brought a wide range of skills and knowledge, living knowledge, to a planet whose inhabitants up until then had primarily only known life inside their half-built habitat structures. The humans emigrated nearly equally to both colonies, over the centuries they interbred with the parahumans, with the net result being that many SecLanders have less fur or their facial features are closer to human than many further colonies. Today pure-bred humans, and parahumans (excepting uplifts), are miniscule minorities on SecLand with only a couple million individuals. The average SecLander resembles a blend of at least half a dozen species of Terragen origin.

For centuries the two colonies lived in relative peace, New Pallas breeding like rabbits while the SPPS cloned new citizens in bulk. But when the terraforming of SecLand had reached the point where colonists could breathe the atmosphere tensions re-established themselves between the two old enemies. With terraforming nearing completion some wondered what use New Pallas could have for the SPPS, on both continents. To that end the SPPS began to covertly build weapons in their Arcologies while New Pallas shifted their orbital satellites slightly. The humans of both colonies made a brief attempt to broker a peace, but when the mass-produced faces of the SPPS met the yellow eyes and pointed ears of Pallas they realized that they no longer had much in common as well. It all came to a head when the SPPS concealed a lethal virus in food shipments sent from their farms to the cities of New Pallas, thousands died in the months that followed. By the time the New Pallas government realized what had been done every SPPS arcology had unveiled surface-to-orbit mass drivers that could shoot down their enemy’s satellites. Even then, many arcologies were leveled by orbital strikes. Then the land battles began. The cybernetically augmented citizen-soldiers of New Pallas facing off against the bioprinted legions of the SPPS. The fighting raged on for months, then abruptly, it ceased less than a year after the war had begun. You see, the SPPS had underestimated New Pallas’s skill with biotechnology, crafting a virus that could be deadly to all the diverse inhabitants of the Republic had been difficult, but a dirty little secret of many 21st century regimes were the techniques to engineer a virus that had disastrous effects when it interacted with a specific gene or genes. And the Society for the Preservation of Parahuman Species had only used a couple genotypes for their army, and even fewer for their ruling priest-scientists. Once the virus had been grown any SPPS unit that came into contact with the enemy was dead within a week, in a month the ruling class had been reduced to a few paranoid individuals who had sealed themselves in hermetic bunkers. Specialized by repeated cloning into an effective caste system, and their soldier castes suddenly extinct, the surviving SPPS arcologies found themselves helpless against New Pallas occupation forces. Their ancestral enemies crushed, the House of Silver turned their sights upward.


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