The Core Worlds Part 2: Tau Ceti

Tau Ceti:
Population: 8.4 billion
Climate: 10% colder on average than Earth, not terraformed, mirror amino native life
Orbital Period: 1.6 Standard years
Rotation: 30 hours
Gravity: 1.2 G
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
History: Shortly after Tau Ceti was settled an ideological movement that believed genotypes must be maintained to prevent homogeny from dooming the species emerged and grew to encompass a significant fraction of the population. The group’s solution to the supposed problem was to separate each “species” of parahuman, based on their non-human gene donor, into different “clans” that would settle different regions of the planet. The clans grew in population rapidly, bumping up against the borders designated at founding in less than a century. War broke out. Clans rallied behind charismatic warrior-nobles and weaker clans swore oaths of fealty to stronger ones to save their own skins. These wars continued until contact with the first probe from the Centauri system, realizing that there was another civilization out there and that they were capable of interstellar travel the clan heads held a council to decide what to do about it. The majority ruled that they needed a single man to represent their world when the outsiders came in person, they elected King Hideo Fink of the feline clan as the official ruler of Tau Ceti. When the official diplomatic envoys and information merchants arrived he dealt with them, when the first stargate was constructed his grand-daughter negotiated the terms for the merger of the two world governments. But many in the major clans resented the loss of their sovereignty to first another clan who hadn’t even had the courtesy of besting them in battle and now to these off-worlders? They re-organized their armies and led assaults on the Federation enclaves. Praetor Lirdrill did not tolerate this defiance and sent the first units of the newly mustered Federal Guard to suppress these rebels. Surprisingly, she and the king of Tau Ceti found unexpected allies in many of the minor clans subordinate to the rebels. These minor clans had been exposed to the democratic ideals of SecLand and saw an opportunity to gain some measure of independence in the brewing war. This set the precedent for future “interventions” in planetary government by the Federation. When the dust was settled the surviving rebel elements of the clans were deported beyond the present borders of the Federation and a parliament was set up to govern Tau Ceti. Each clan, major or minor, was represented equally in the upper house of parliament while the lower house represented geographical regions by population independent of clan. It has been that way ever since, despite grumbling by old conservatives and young romantics, both are free to leave for colonies where feudalism is still practiced.


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