Change of Plans

The weekly podcast was an interesting experiment, but I’m running out of material.  It takes me weeks to write one of those stories (I admit it, I’m a slow writer), but only about half an hour to turn a story into a podcast.  When I first suggested it as a Patreon reward I was thinking of only doing one episode per month, but with the complete lack of bites I figured I needed to put out a lot of material quickly.

“Of the Collective, Prologue” just debuted on the podcast stream last Sunday, and I haven’t finished that multi-chapter story yet.  I’m currently writing the third chapter and what I have planned could very well end up growing into another novella.  But at the rate I’m writing the podcast will catch up to the story in a month, maybe two if I drop everything non-essential and write.

So, given that my writing is the limiting factor, I’ve decided to cut back the podcast to once per month, but I’ll try to make them longer, around a half hour per episode.

However, to make sure this blog, where all my links are most easily accessible, remains active I’m considering something like Alistair Young’s “Trope a Day” feature.  I’ve already put the Para-Imperium and The Pride of Parahumans on the wiki, and at the very least I could expand each trope I listed into a full paragraph or two over the course of my lunch break.


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