Hegemonic Empire

Hegemonic Empire: The Federation of Parahuman Species doesn’t bother with military conquest, it’s too much trouble really.  Instead, they convince planets to join them.  From there they maintain their hold in three primary ways:

  1. Exclusive access to nanotechnology: As demonstrated in the prologue to Of the Collective they can program nanoviruses to target specific individuals, either to kill or remove their microbots, rendering them mortal.
  2. Wormholes and Monopoles: The infrastructure to produce the magnetic monopoles used in sub-light ships is massive, on the planetary scale, and all known installations are under Federal Guard control.  While the Gateforge that produces all of the Federation’s wormholes comes close to qualifying as a Dyson Sphere around Proxima Centauri.
  3. Telepaths: The House of Silver, as one of the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful families in the Federation, has all but cornered the job market for telepaths with their breeding program, one of the best known means of interstellar communications.

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