Matter Replicator

Matter Replicator: Well, they can’t convert energy into matter on a large scale just yet, but a Nanofabricator can break down compounds and reassemble the raw elements into practically any other molecular structures.  Anything that can fit into a fabricator’s vacuum sealed assembly chamber can be produced given the proper elements, and fabricators range in size from a portable ForgePlate to the size of a factory.  If you need something even bigger, such as a building or a starship, assembler swarms of insect-sized robots can form temporary vacuum chambers around the leading edges of their products.

Old-fashioned 3D printers and even ancient “assembly lines” are still used on occasion, as they’re able to produce in a variety of environments, for instance living organs or even whole creatures can be 3D printed in an oxygenated fluid bath that keeps the cells alive during printing.  And of course, those techs are not proscribed for Outworlds.


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