Sex Shifter

Sex Shifter: Hermaphromorphs have been touched upon in some of the stories.  They’re basically what happens when intersex conditions meet nanotech bodysculpting.  The majority of hermaphromorphs are genetically XXY, but with an epigenetic switch that “toggles” on an annual basis.  One year the Y chromosome is activated, the next it isn’t, and so on.  When the chromosome is activated or deactivated the subject’s medical microbots respond by restructuring the reproductive tract to its “proper” form as according to the chromosomes.  One can set their microbots to maintain the same sex for longer than the normal duration if they so desire, they automatically retain female form for an extra year in the event of pregnancy.  In addition, since the microbots don’t necessarily cross the blood-brain barrier they’re safe for telepaths to use.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Argentum genus is responsible for the existence of hermaphromorphs.  They were trying to symbolically replicate their progenitor’s gender-neutral life while retaining the ability to procreate naturally.


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