-40 Before Exodus: Creation of parahumans.


-24 BX: Parahumans emancipated and corporations that enslaved them dissolved.


-17 BX: Events of The Pride of Parahumans.


0 Post Exodus: First Seedship, the Traveller, launched.


4 PX: Pallas launches second seedship.


10 PX: Earth destroyed by relativistic projectile, origin unknown.


14 PX: Second Pallene seedship is caught by berserker probes that destroyed Sol.  Crew commit suicide first. “Dandelion Seeds”.


37 PX: Traveller lands on a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A


40 PX: Vestan ship lands on opposite hemisphere from the Traveller.


500 PX: Cold war between nations on Secland ends with the completion of terraforming.  Biological weapons leave New Pallas the sole nation standing.


950 PX: New Pallas contacts Tau Ceti.  Triggering political restructuring among the natives resulting in the kingdom of Schwarswelt under King Hideo Fink.


1100 PX: Alpha Centauri, Tau Ceti, and Epsilon Eridani form the Federation.


1798 PX: “Raising Capital”


1846 PX: Kershkans discovered.


1853 PX: “Inside the Chinese Room”


1903 PX: Contact established with Kershkans.


2003 PX: Jarlin joins the Defiant crew.  “Memories in Review”.


2090 PX: “A World Lost”


2173 PX: Jarlin pregnant with first child. “Memories in Review”.


2242 PX: “Of the Collective”.