-40 Before Exodus: Creation of parahumans.

-24 BX: Parahumans emancipated and corporations that enslaved them dissolved.

-17 BX: Events of The Pride of Parahumans.

0 Post Exodus: First Seedship, the Traveller, launched.

4 PX: Pallas launches second seedship.

10 PX: Earth destroyed by relativistic projectile, origin unknown.

14 PX: Second Pallene seedship is caught by berserker probes that destroyed Sol.  Crew commit suicide first. “Dandelion Seeds”.

37 PX: Traveller lands on a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A

40 PX: Vestan ship lands on opposite hemisphere from the Traveller.

500 PX: Cold war between nations on Secland ends with the completion of terraforming.  Biological weapons leave New Pallas the sole nation standing.

950 PX: New Pallas contacts Tau Ceti.  Triggering political restructuring among the natives resulting in the kingdom of Schwarswelt under King Hideo Fink.

1100 PX: Alpha Centauri, Tau Ceti, and Epsilon Eridani form the Federation.

1798 PX: “Raising Capital”

1846 PX: Kershkans discovered.

1853 PX: “Inside the Chinese Room”

1903 PX: Contact established with Kershkans.

2003 PX: Jarlin joins the Defiant crew.  “Memories in Review”.

2090 PX: “A World Lost”

2173 PX: Jarlin pregnant with first child. “Memories in Review”.

2242 PX: “Of the Collective”.

2300 PX: Federal Guard destroys Sol with strangelet bomb, inducing a nova. Evacuation of Core Worlds begins.

2304 PX: Wormhole gates at Alpha Centauri collapsed ahead of the nova’s radiation. The capital cut off, the Federation quickly begins to fragment.

2345 PX: The Emissary-Governor of the Tiere System, wracked by tensions between earlier colonists and new refugees, disables all nanotech in the system in an attempt to reassert control. He is lynched by an angry mob within weeks.

2590 PX: The self-proclaimed Imperator Ronkal launches Project Paladin, sending ships with new reactionless drives and augmentation suites to neighboring systems.

2600 PX: A Ronkalli ship reaches the Tiere System, only for interplanetary debris to kill the entire crew. The ship AI forcibly augments a crew of scavengers who come looking.